Mondays are just young Fridays


“Dreams are for the lazy,
all you have to do is lay there.”
                                – Angela Jones

Dreams are for the lazy . . . I wrote this a few years back; actually, a character I had been living with scribbled it in her journal.

Angela, at that point, was going through a lot. Her life was full of frustrations and insecurities with more questions than solutions. She was having difficulty with her age, and had identity issues. Her wonders had become worries.

I, at that time, found myself in a similar situation. What I had planned on was not falling into place, and my dreams, or goals, seemed to be falling apart. I was in a holding pattern.

To counter the negative vibe, Angela immersed herself into her art, a passion she had been denied for years. She opened her life up to new people and thoughts, while pursing a pleasure she had tucked away for so long.

In time she began to believe in dreams again. Inspired dreams, she even began to pursue them more fervently. Angela discovered dreams were not for the lazy and, in fact, require effort and perseverance.

Dreams, and the talent to make them happen, may come naturally, but most times it takes concentration. You have to open your mind up to the vision, and to the possibility of dreams. And you need to work hard.

One of my dreams will be realized this week. I say one of them, because I have many. Some of those dreams have been on a shelf for a time, while others have been slowly blossoming. This one is rather recent and has become a fixation of sorts over the past seven months. It is a dream shared by several, and it has taken support and contribution from a select few. I am thankful for, and to, the people who will enable this dream to get off the ground, and will allow me also to continue on with other goals.

I have as many goals, as I do pencils and memories. We all do. Short-term, long-term, or life-long, our dreams are what keep us moving forward. As lofty as they may be, they also keep our feet on the ground.


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