Oh Canada


My Canada includes possibility. Not just a land rich in natural resources, or a country that welcomes the world in every language, my Canada, above all, is a nation that can only become stronger.
  My Canada does not tolerate, it accepts; it is not about politics, but rather people.
 My Canada is freedom, to live how you can, and love who you want to; there are no restrictions, but you should not hate, and you should not harm, and you can (if you put your heart to it) find comfort in like-minded people who want nothing more than to create a better world for all.
  My Canada is polite (yes, the rumors are true), it is cultured, and it is considerate.
  My Canada is not blind to the willful destruction taking place across this planet, but it does what it can to promote peace, and equality, and justice.
  My Canada knows it is not conceivable that all the ills of the world can be cured overnight, but it keeps trying.
  My Canada is not boastful, not vaingloriously so, but it is proud, and it is certain the standards we hold high are achievable, in time.
  My Canada tries hard to care for itself. Yes, we fail or have failed, many times in the past, but we will not be held hostage by our history. Yesterday may have contained many mistakes, and we have paid dearly for them, but we can inspire ourselves to continue stepping forward over boundaries set before us.
  My Canada is inclusive, and together we can make something happen.
  My Canada is not a dream, nor is it a place; it is a reality we can make happen.
  My Canada is a land where the individual can make a difference. I know I will keep trying, and you are welcome to join me.
Happy Canada Day.


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