“I’m inhabiting a life I’m not
supposed to be in… and at
certain times in my life, I
have felt a wrongness. And
not a moral wrongness but
a sense that this isn’t what
I was born to be doing. “
                                       – Sam Shepard

cloud songs


Living long past the nostalgia
      and fairy tale days, they are real
   and come to you
                 when needed.
The fire has been silenced by
          the doubtful
           and the disbelievers,
      yet the will is still there
          for those who care.
Through the shadows, adorned
in sunlight and hope, they show
          in mysterious ways,
to those who believe . . . or have.
        Open your mind,
             your heart and soul
          to the kiss
               of the dragon.




Some days I think things I just can’t say.
It’s not that I am ashamed or embarrassed
of my thoughts, or even that they might not
be appropriate. I don’t even fear what would
happen should they come out in conversation,
or random reply, but at certain times I just
want to surround myself in silence.
I might not even want to think those things
let alone put them out there.
One of the traits that separates humans from
the animals (besides the use of a thumb) is an
ability to communicate in so many ways. At a
time where a phone is no longer a phone, but
a device that instantly connects us quickly to
the worldwide wonder, we can effortlessly
broadcast our beliefs so others may know
where we stand. Or what we are thinking, if
we want.
Part of the whole freedom of speech thing is
knowing you don’t have to.




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