Scrappy branches of barren trees
scratch against October’s crisp cobalt sky.
and a mother’s bedroom lamp
paint screaming banshees
across the front lawn.
Winds heighten
to an eerie squeal.
She leans in, pulling a safety pin
from her ear.
Tussled hair, the scent of patchouli
and cigarettes. Her lips
taste of the night.
A safety pin punctures the
denim jacket’s collar.
A poignant promise
from a shadow too young to notice,
not old enough to know.
Long ago.
Still, now,
I wear a safety pin on my jacket,
if only to remember the taste of the night,
and the smell of autumn.


It’s only a cookie,
is it your fortune?

Not likely.

Yet, many dreams
begin with a taste
of a thought.

Take a big bite.


Mondays are just young Fridays


Defined by our physical body, we are all receptacles that — in addition to the bones, blood and guts — hold space. Moving forward through life, we continue to fill this space with ideas, memories, ideals and knowledge.
  We go through periods where there seems to be continual change. We welcome new experiences, and people, or take on fresh or unfamiliar styles of working, or creating.
  Each time you do something, try something, or take on a new task, you clear out room inside yourself by discarding what has been there for a while. It, at times, is exhausting. The process can take you on a whirlwind trip, both physically and emotionally.
  We do things, we get things done, and at the end of it all, or in a moment of quiet reflection, we realize we have depleted our personal resources.
  We feel empty; yet, we know, there is room for more.
  It is there, in those periods of thought, when you have to decide whether there is more you wish to accomplish, or experience, or if you are content with the way things are, or have been.
  If everything is the way it should be, if you have what you need, then it’s all good.
  But if you want more (and we all have the capacity) then now is the time to fill yourself up.  There are always new cities to visit, emerging art to view, more people to acquaint yourself with, and new words to read.
  Take the time to fill the mind, remind yourself to be accepting of change, or open to revisiting a place or process that may once have fulfilled you, or perhaps left you in a state of disappointment.
  You have to decide to allow something into your life, or to fill you up intellectually and emotionally. Only you can decide if there is room for more. Only you know your true volume.
  I am not empty. I am open.


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