Mondays are just young Fridays


Hopefully well-rested and invigorated
by a change of pace or your weekend
adventures, you greet the new day with
all the enthusiasm you can muster.
   Over the past week you may have
suffered a few setbacks, or lost a little
ground, but that can only be expected
when life moves too quickly. All too
often there is too much coming at you,
or too much to do.
   Look past the dread or the frustrations
that tarnished previous attempts. We’ve
all got something that is not quite right,
or not quite there, and you can be assured
it will still be around this week.
   But if you approach everything with a
fresh perspective, things will look a bit
different. Write down what you want to
accomplish, and scribble out some options.
   Don’t dwell on past complications, but
harvest new ideas. Start from scratch, if
necessary, and squeeze the possibilities
out of every new way, and each new day.
   Start afresh. Begin your day with a sharp
pencil and a sharp mind.
   Use each to its fullest potential.

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