A Blank Page


It’s freedom: wide-open space to
to write what you want, when you
want, and where you want.
  It is potential: each page is crisp
and clear, the entire notebook
unmarred, virginal, laid out and
ready to be used.
  Think of the things you can do
with a blank notebook. Make a list,
write them down; chances are
these first few moments will be
the last chance you have to insert
any order. A blank notebook can
be dangerous as it takes control
of how you express yourself,
whether you document, doodle,
dream, or dare.
  Don’t be too cautious, let the
words take you where you need
to go. Yes, there will be mistakes,
but isn’t that why a pencil has an
  Take this moment, take this book,
and use it as it was intended. It’s
also called a scribbler. Write on;
fill it up, find your way, and free
  Few things have more potential
than the written word, but nothing
is as inspiring as a blank page.

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