Beyond all else,
it is the people in our lives
that give this life
the sparkle and substance
we all deserve.

I am a father, only once,
but that is all it has taken
to provide me with
a reason to rise
each day.

Every day provides a
further reason for joy.
Today I celebrate
more, because today
it all began.

My daughter’s birthday; every year
it is a reminder that I have done
something right in this life.
As the decades pass, we both grow
older, each year becoming more
significant in one way or another.
Our relationship changes, our roles
are altered over time, the love grows
stronger, and I continue to become
fortified by the spirit that has allowed
me to see what I have become, and
who I truly am. I am a father. I am
both proud and humbled. I’ve only
done this once, and I had no idea
what to expect when it all began. I
never knew how rewarding it would
be and every day I am reminded
of this blessing.




cloud songs

      A season of heightened
  emotions, and reminders of such,
look past inconvenience
       and disputes
with family or friends.    It is
  a time to swallow truths and make
amends with those who cared, or
      those who dare to look back
            on what mattered.
              is always easier

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