Mondays are just young Fridays

A pencil and paper, cup of coffee
or tea, a moment to yourself for
inexpensive therapy.
  Take a sip, then pick up the pencil
and begin writing everything that
comes to mind.
  Don’t think so much as write,
don’t think of the reason why or
think about time, just write.
  Stream-of-consciousness, let it
flow, you might be surprised at
what you know or what spills onto
the page. Write on. Let it bleed.
  Random thoughts or something
less specific, problems you have
faced or promises that once were
made, each thought or word carries
some sort of meaning. You might
even question the reason for being,
but some sort of narrative will slowly
come to be.
  Important, however, to let out the
thoughts, and to read and see what’s
been taking up space. Once it has
been written out you are better able
to comprehend, or just acknowledge
a lot of stuff you’ve been ignoring.
  Give it some time, perhaps every
Monday, or try for a week. Just write,
just see. Just be.

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