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Mondays are just young Fridays

What has been heard, what has been said, after 24 or 27 months give or take? More or less, what was said (even wished) was mainly, and above all else, that we wanted things to return to normal.

We were longing for the everyday day-to-day, the regular way, sort of; or at least, some semblance of such. We wanted, we said, to be with people again, doing the things we usually did.

We wanted to see smiles, again, on stranger’s faces, we said from behind our masks and wanting so much for our lips to be read as much as our expressions of joy. Or reality. Or anything other than what it was for the 26 or 25 months of what came to be.

We weren’t asking for much, really, or nothing any more spectacular than what life grants us on any given day. We wanted the ordinary, if nothing else.

What we have known is not over. How we are living, coping, or struggling, is not the same as it was eight months, or 11 months, back (or 25 or 23). It was a long time, and longer still will be this shadow of a virus that has hung over us (more than a footnote, and still not quite a chapter) in this never-ending story.

What was, or what is, close to some kind of normal, feels closer now. Dare we say it? We wished it, didn’t we, and here we are now more than two years later, finally gathering in parks and parades, galleries, shopping malls, and back at the office.

Masked or unmasked, we might not be as close as we were before, but we are working on it. Aren’t we? Can’t we now see, or hear and experience life, a little bit like we did before?

Yes, we want more, but right now this is as good as it gets for those of us still cautious, yet relieved, that we are here to see what’s going on.

It is, or seems to be, a return to the usual, the normal, and the everyday ways. For some of us it will never happen, for many of us it will never be, but for all of us there is a new (or another) opportunity for ordinary.

The ordinary: after all we have been through, that may even be better than it sounds.

06/27/2022                                                                               j.g.l.


cloud songs

     Morning begins it all,
yet it is much later
                    you notice
   nights become shorter
when the day is no longer.
          We see less
       than we want to, and
   know more than
          we should.
   Darkness allows silence.
        May your thoughts
            be understood.


06/21/2022                                                                           j.g.l.

Mondays are just young Fridays

The lush canopy of green above us seemed to take its time arriving.
   The recent sunshine, warmth, and humidity contribute to a general feeling of euphoria.
   No specifics required.
   The changing of the seasons is not lost on us; nor is the change of reasons.
   In the grand scheme of things, this feeling doesn’t last as long as it should.
   Shouldn’t we appreciate this more than we do?
   Look up. Look around.
   Think of where you are now and why you are here.

06/20/2022                                                                            j.g.l.

I'm like a pencil;
sometimes sharp,
most days
other times
dull or
Still I write.

j.g. lewis
is a writer/photographer in Toronto.

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Mondays are just young Fridays

Posted on March 13, 2017 by j.g.lewis // 2 Comments

We interrupt this nasty weather
to remind you Spring has arrived
in the GTA.
Yes, that is a Robin taking a break
and wondering what’s going on,
or what went wrong.
This is Canada, and that’s the
kind of day it is.
Mondays are just young Fridays.


Before old and wise comes young and stupid.
  I wanted to be lots of things, when I was younger. I wanted to grow up, and I had dreams and plans for what I would do when I got there.
 I am fortunate to have been a few of the things I wanted to be. I made a living as a photographer, and I became a father. There were other dreams, plans, or goals that never materialized, and now they don’t matter.
  I also did a lot of stupid things when I was younger, but like those old dreams and plans, they are all in the past.
  You should respect the past for all that it offered, but it has passed and now offers nothing. Yes, you have nostalgia, but anything worthy made the trip forward with you.
  If it were meant to be, you would be it.
  If you are still looking ahead, it is how you see it.
  So what you wanted to be, decades and years ago, is not the thing to want now. If we continue dreaming and hoping, and planning, it is those goals will keep us going in the right direction. What you want to be now is all that matters.
  There are still plenty of things I want to be, and there are more things on my bucket list than my fuck it list, so I’m still going to try to be all I can be, but above all I’m going to try to be kind.
  I’ve learned plenty of lessons in the past (and made even more mistakes), but one thing I’ve learned is that kindness counts, so it is the one goal I will continue pursuing above all else.
Now that may sound more stupid than wise, but I’m going with it. I think I’ll accomplish more.   I am still a dreamer.

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2 replies on “Mondays are just young Fridays”

j.g., Thank you for this! I took it as a beautiful reminder that we are ‘okay’, we are ‘enough’, just as we are. That even though, life happened differently than we might have planned or expected, it’s okay and we are okay. Great reminder. Thank you!

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