Mondays Are Just Young Fridays

Cherish the mornings you wake
unaided by an alarm clock or
gentle nudge. These are the days
when sleep lasts as long as it can,
or as long as it will, and they are a
sign that time is not rushed, and
nothing should feel out of touch.

Cherish the mornings you wake,
and wipe the residue of sleep from
your eyes, resisting the temptation
to slip back between the covers and
ignore everything around you. These
are the days when you keep on trying,
despite the things that hold you back.

Cherish the mornings you wake.
Each day has a purpose, and every
day we may question why. Often,
like so many things we do, the reason
is not clear when we begin, but that
should not prevent us from jumping
in wholeheartedly. Try again today.

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