Not Always Sure

Aren’t we all somewhat flawed, slightly
tainted and, perhaps, even odd?
Stuck in our ways, we will surely refuse
to admit, our faults are apparent more
than a little bit.

Unforgotten deeds, lack of contempt,
we usually wonder where the money went.
Self-centered worries consume so much
precious time, restricting intentions and
thoughts sublime.

In so many ways I am often in awe we can
struggle through a Wednesday, or Thursday, in
spite of it all. Regardless of advice, we continue
to forge on, even when it appears all hope
is long gone.

I’m not sure if it’s right, or when it goes wrong,
but we fool ourselves all along. Each week
presents obstacles we seem to push our way
through, I’m not always sure I can make it,
how about you?
©2017 j.g. lewis


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