Mondays are just young Fridays

Should a tear
mark your cheek, if a lash or
random memory becomes
stuck in your eye, please
use my handkerchief
to wipe away residue
of days gone by.
Whether neatly pressed or
in its wearied, wrinkled state
feel free to use as required.
My handkerchief
is soft, can absorb sweat
or sorrow, and has
been there before.
As have I.
Unlike other options,
it is not disposable and
is strong. Yes, it has been
through the wringer,
though washed up
it still has a purpose,
like me. It cleans up well
and is not defined
by stains of the past.
It has experience dealing
with mess and misfortune,
there for you to use
if needed. I will offer,
or if you ask.

04/17/17                                    © 2017 j.g.lewis

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