Not Right There

Soul mate isn’t the term; that
takes time, and something more
immediate is what she has in mind.
Tangible is, again, not quite it;
friendships she has built are
already that, they are just not
there, not in the way
she believes she needs. Not
right now, or right there. Not
across-the-table close, not when
she thinks she needs it most.
Another voice to remind her it’s
a good day for ice cream, or the
movie she said she’d like to see
is playing. Now. Friendly reminders
popcorn is okay without butter, or
the retrograde will be over in a
couple of weeks (Mercury is a bitch),
so if there was a good time to wait,
now might be it. She has become
good at waiting. It’s taken years
to get into this state, her heart is
in repair but there is room to wait
for a random someone to be there.
No demands, just availability,
honesty, and mutual care.
04/21/17                                               © j.g. lewis

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