Looking For Answers

What are you feeling?
What are you thinking
about your self,
or how you function
as a person?
Do you think about
how you feel?
How do you feel
about how you think?
What would you
like to think? How
would you like to feel?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself
the questions you might not
have an answer for.
Other times you have to feel more
than think.
The answers will come, but so will
more questions.
That’s how we function as people.

When is the last time you sat down
and asked yourself the questions?
When was the last time you wrote
down the answers?

We will be looking for answers, and
getting in touch with our emotions
and memories in the upcoming
Finding Your Voice
Making The Choice
a 24-day journaling program.

Whether you keep a journal, or
would like to start, the program
will help you build a habit that
can last a lifetime.
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Soultalk:The Essence of Self

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