Mondays are just young Fridays

With handwriting, often you don’t even have to read what is written to know who it is from; it carries a message that is more subliminal than expressed.
  A Father’s day card, and a few lines inside, says so much.
  Memories from years ago, and even those more recent, come rushing back
  Words written many times before, but now just a bit different. More current, yes, but they bring a certain type of happiness.
  Words read differently when they are spelled out in pencil or pen. They are more tactile, take on the shape and sound of that person’s voice. They appear real, more real than if tapped out on a keyboard.
  Handwritten words flow more naturally, they appear genuine.
  You don’t get the same authenticity from a keyboard, you just can’t.
  There is a value to a handwritten passage that cannot be duplicated, whether you are writing a letter to someone else, or making notes in your journal.
  Handwriting is permanent.
  Write on.

06/19/2017                                               j.g.l

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