Mondays are just young Fridays

What do you promise yourself, or deny, day after day?
  What do you put off doing, even when you know you should, but don’t?
  Each of us has something more we could do for our spirit, mind or body, yet we don’t follow the call, for whatever reason.
  We may feel tired, physically or emotionally. We may have thought about it long enough and convinced ourselves we don’t need it now, or that now should be later.
  We may have become so settled in our ways that we can only put it off for another day (or the one after that). The pages on the calendar turn, and turn again and we no longer think of the why, but the when.
  Physically we need to breathe, mentally we need to see, and emotionally we need to be. All parts of the whole you need stimulation, not hibernation. Trying something new, or picking up where we once were (when it comes to just about anything), can put it all in perspective.
  It’s a new day, of a new week.
  Begin now.

06/26/2017                                     j.g.l.


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