Tend To Your Mind

Commitment: it’s one of those tough words.
  At times commitment is tough, especially when it comes to yourself.
  You know you need to tend to your mind, but where do you find the time?
  You feel you’ve got things to say, but when do you fit it into your day?
  Commitment: it takes time.

Build a journaling ritual you can rely upon, one you will stay committed to, no matter what else you do. FINDING YOUR VOICE – MAKING THE CHOICE will guide you through the process of creating time to write it all out.

Whether you regularly journal, have let the practice slide, or if you simply want to get started, this online program allows you to fit the daily prompts into your schedule.
In the closed forum, we will walk through the days with simple, effective, soul-nourishing exercises, authentic support, and the company of like-minded soul-seekers going through the process with you (and we’ll have some fun).

SEE  Soultalk:The Essence of Self on Facebook for details

06/23/2017 j.g.l.

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