A Thought

Thinking does not take much thought. Essentially it just happens; you don’t even have to think about it, and that can be a blessing or a curse.
   I think, a lot.
  You might even say I overthink, which can be good or bad, depending on what you are thinking about, and how far you let those thoughts flow. I maintain that I would rather overthink than not think at all.
  I tend to deal with my thoughts through writing, where I can think things through or develop a thought through essay or poetry. It works for me; I think. In fact, I would call some of this process my evolved thinking.
  Everybody has their own ways of dealing with their thoughts and feelings, and some (or many) people chose meditation as a means of expanding or living in a period of conscious thought. Meditation is a practice they chose to deal with relaxation, reducing stress, and living with life as it happens.
  Meditation takes time, and it takes thought.
  I’ve never been able to mindfully find the time to meditate, not really. Even in my yoga I believe my thought has more been trained to focus only on what I am experiencing as I push my body through postures that each involve bending, twisting and stretching into various positions. There are periods where you do not move, periods where you let your mind go, but   I tend to end up thinking about what posture is next.
  There are different forms of meditation. I did try Transcendental Meditation decades ago, but settling into any sort of practice simply took too much time, or thought, away from my everyday.
  I admire those people who can commit to a meditation practice. I wish I could, I think.
  I think, or have been thinking, more about meditation lately. I’m trying more to convince myself that a period of time each day where I sit and let thoughts flow would benefit how I think, and feel. Many times my thought goes back to simply finding the time.
  But I’m going to continue thinking deeply on the topic.
  This Saturday (August 5) The Tattooed Buddha is hosting an International Day of Meditation and will be live streaming throughout the day (thetattooedbuddha.com) and I will be tuning in.  I don’t know what to expect, except I expect many others will be tuning in (or tuning out) as well. . . I think.
08/03/2017                                      j.g.l.

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