Mondays are just young Fridays

Haven’t we all been here before?
  Do we seem stuck in this place, feeling the same old emotions?
  The summer heat, the bigger skies; memories, like clouds, go floating by.
  Our lives are a series of interconnected events, similar people walking in and out, and often we feel that sense of déjà vu.
  We’ve been here before.
  We travel, for the most part, freely on this planet.
  We experience new people and places, or revisit the old.
  Those are the memories we are reminded of.
  This is the wanderlust that wants to take us back.
  Sometimes we are not certain why, but there is this pull. Our lives were enriched in some way, and while there may have been a reason these thoughts remain in our past, we cannot imagine going further without attempting to get back. . . even if only to see if it still matters.
  Memories matter.
  We’ve been here before.
08/07/2017                                        j.g.l.

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