My Point Of View

I sat and
waited for the darkness.
I watched others
waiting, like me.
We are all the same. . .
curious souls
waiting for,
thinking of,
that would make
a difference.
It seemed smoggy, yes,
perhaps a bit darker,
but more overcast.
I suppose
I’m not surprised.
I was nowhere near
the optimal viewing zone.
My longitude and latitude
were not even close to
my enthusiasm
and attitude.
It was only to be about a
70% solar eclipse from
my point of view,
still I was hoping
for more.
I remembered 1979, and
watching the streetlights
dim, and the birds
reacting eerily
to sudden change.
I remember 
the darkness then,
and the quiet.
I was expecting more.
Perhaps I was
waiting for a miracle.
Other places on the planet
were blessed with the magic.
Not here.
Expectations are never
what they should be.
08/22/2017                           j.g.l.

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