Mondays are just young Fridays

Vertical city, survival within
glass and concrete, entrapped
by a population breathing
negative vibes soaked
with animosity and
If everything were Neon,
we would dwell among the
effervescent crackle of
mechanical dreams gone awry,
unacceptable flaws and
faulty circuits broadcasting
an unreal reality of
untoward circumstances,
our emotions brimming
with sacrificial synthesia.
Unnatural. Unmoved.
We are not.
It is not.
For this life, day by day,
is more attuned to
the ever-changing colours
of nature, the acoustics of
soul, and the distant breeze
of forests slicing through
the carbon-dioxide of the
slow-creeping freeways.
Organic principles
still drive us.
Be moved by the natural
in its resplendent glory.
Be aware that all is not
made-made or
the present is full of
littered streets and
calculated misconduct, but
it does not have to be.
Let down your guard.
Open your mind.
Give in to the outside.
09/25/2017                                j.g.l.


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