Some Nights


We are awake.
  It’s because we have greater questions than those we asked yesterday, or last week.
  It is night.
  It’s when we are unsure of the consequences or complications that we seem to run up against daily, or weekly. Or it is the people we love, or have loved; those who may well have questions themselves.
  We wonder.
  Some nights it is all we do.
  We wonder through those restless times, not certain of the how or the why, always unclear of what to do, but you do try to listen to the questions.
  In the resounding silence it is still not obvious.
  You continue wondering.
  You never wonder like you do under a full moon.
  The light may not shine on the answers, but the light will shine on your self.
  The wonder.
 09/07/2017      j.g.l.

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