Mondays are just young Fridays

It is unfortunate that we fail to see imperfections as differences, mistakes as learning opportunities, and strangers as potential allies.
  It’s confusing at times — working our way through an ever-present caution — as we encounter fewer and fewer people who seem to be making a wholehearted effort in trying to communicate beyond the day-to-day expectations of a society which appears to accept less and less.
  How often have you tried to open up beyond the madness? How often have you been shut down?
  How often do you feel held back by the lack of honesty, or humanity, expressed in the come and go of all you know?
  So now where are you, as much of the world is staring down at the screen and waiting for some sort of a signal? If you are off trying to explore what might be there, how will you know if that sign has arrived?
  How will you know you have had all you can have if you still do not know all that you want?
  How can you show gratitude when you find fewer and fewer souls willing to accept a certain kind of kindness?
  As the year stretches further, and the days grow still darker, all you can find is your self.
  There is still time, be patient.
  A lot can happen when you least expect.
12/04/2017                                                    j.g.l.

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