Mondays are just young Fridays

We’ve all grown up surrounded by advertising.
  In print, billboards or placards, or through radio or television – and, now, in any vacant spot they can fill on any digital device you get your hands on – we are bombarded with product and price.
  It’s pretty easy to become immune to it all. It has to be especially effective to grab your attention; and only the shocking or extraordinary does.
  Good advertising has you reaching for your wallet.
  Great advertising pulls at your heart.
  There is one particular commercial that sticks out in my mind, especially this time of year.
  I remember the first time I saw it in about 2005. With a mother’s voice singing Silent Night, the commercial shows a series of adorable babies, fast asleep. Gentle, serene faces with eyes and mouths twitching ever so slightly, as babies do.
  All is calm.
  I remember watching, my eyes transfixed. It was generic, non-specific advertising, where you don’t even know it is a commercial for Pampers disposable diapers until after the main message appears on the screen at the end: Peace on Earth.
  I know my eyes welled up, then, and every time I saw the commercial in the years following.
  I know I remembered standing over my own infant daughter, decades earlier, and realizing all that was beautiful and right with this world.
  I know it hits me hard, this time of year, because my child was born a week before Christmas.
  Today, and evermore, I wish her Peace on Earth.

Image ©Pampers

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