Be Thankful

Together we walk across this planet, each of us moving at our own pace and direction. Some of us may step tentatively, while others forge ahead determinedly. We all move forward.
  There is no proper way to navigate the fragility of this space; each of us will cross obstacles of our own, in a way that is fitting for our circumstance.
  We chose our own path.
  Yet we all need to consider that we have more in common than we realize, and still our differences can keep us apart.
  It is up to each of us to appreciate these differences; in that way we must be similar. Together we walk.
  Be thankful for all you have, show gratitude for what others bring to our world, and appreciate all those differences.
  Thank you for your presence.
  I wish you the best for 2018.
12/31/2017                                        j.g.l.

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