Daily Essentials

I wake each day, full of ache or full of wonder. Sometimes it is the same.
  Some days feel like others, but really they are not.
  Each day contains approximately the same number of hours, yet it’s the science of the light, or the politics of the pavement, that will deceive even the most earnest disciple.
  Daily essentials; truth or trust, and the occasional coffee, are the only elements that will truly advance humanity.
  Don’t leave your dreams on the pillow, don’t let your faith flounder, and don’t bother repeating the basic mistakes you did Tuesday (or that night in December). If you do it again it will still be the same.
  It’s a new day, another way to discover physics, poetry, or the anatomy of circumstance.
  Own your resilience, honour your silence, and admit your deficiencies.
  Refill your coffee when you run out of reason.
01/25/2018                                              j.g.l.

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