Mondays are just young Fridays

Just because we can, and do, use words frequently (and with the power they are meant to contain) does not mean they come to us easily.
  Sentences and phrases seem to float from our mouths, as we breathe life into them. Sometimes we think it is effortless, that thoughts simply appear; but we know it is not true.
  Every comment we make has a purpose. Each word spoken contains thought. It may even take days or weeks of inner dialogue before we dare speak our truth. Even then, after all that time, we can surprise ourselves.
  Words are spoken for a purpose, how they are heard is a matter of perception.
  Words can heal or words can hurt.
  Choose carefully what you say, and be prepared for the reaction that comes back your way.
  Just because we use words frequently doesn’t mean we have to.
  At times, silence can say enough.

01/08/2018                                         j.g.l.

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