Mondays are just young Fridays


How you speak to others is a reflection of how you talk to yourself.
Often the mood of the moment comes through in the tone and temperature of the words you use, or, more specifically, how you use them.
It just happens.
Do you speak gently to yourself, showing compassion when you are feeling anxious or frustrated?
Do you speak angrily to others when you are feeling down or unsatisfied with your actions or intentions?
You should observe how calming your voice can be when you attempt any sort of self-love, just as you will notice the brisk texture when you snap at a loved one or total stranger.
It just happens, sadly.
Sometimes you have to step back when the right words don’t seem to come your way.
Allow the mind to settle; take a short walk, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, even find a quiet place for a five-minute meditation.
Recalibrate your emotions, then notice how much more clearly and considerately you speak.
02/19/2018                                                j.g.l.

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