Blunt Truth

The words often don’t
come easily, and the words
are not always correct. Words
can say so much, but may not
say exactly what is meant,
and the feelings can become
lost in translation. We don’t all
speak the same language, or we
each will talk from a very
different place. Emotions, age,
perspective, and experience
will temper both usage and
understanding. Use caution
when interpreting the meaning
of a sentence, statement, or
stanza. Words can confuse.
Words are reused. Words can
heel or words will hurt; some
will do neither. Words will
whisper or words can shout, it
will wholly depend on the
subject you are talking about.
Words can live and words can
thrive. Words are real, in the
context they are supplied,
dependent upon the pressure
when applied. Words can break
your passion, shatter glances,
hold back traffic, or fall out of
fashion, but still carry a blunt
truth. Words need to be heard,
and words need to be read.
Those unspoken words will not
make up for the ones left unsaid.
Speak up. Speak now, or forever
hold your peace. Words can mean
as much, or as little, as you need.
03/04/2018                                           j.g.l.

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