Welcome The Ordinary

by Melody Lima

It is easy to forget.

Forget to love, forget to pause, forget to breathe.

It is difficult to see the beauty, the light or the kindness hidden under the shroud of darkness.

It appears, often, there is nothing but gloom, nothing but aversion, nothing but hatred around us. This is not new. For thousands of years, the world has been filled with war, disagreement, threats, crime, disrespect, prejudice, torture and violence.

And yet, when we are filled with despair, out in the distance appears a glimmer of hope. A ray of the future shines upon us. Gently guiding us forward, onto our path like the loving hand of a parent or a teacher or a mentor. A simple touch to show us one step away from the oppressing cloud.

This small gesture of kindness is tiny, minute and easy to miss. Do not be fooled, gifts come in many sizes. A generous deed is found in the unexpected moments. Love is often ordinary, not panoramic.

Welcome the ordinary. Allow the gesture of compassion to brighten the way. Accept thoughtfulness from the acquaintance whose name you may not remember, but whose acceptance will never leave you.

It is easy to welcome goodness.
It is easy to experience laughter.
It is easy to rejoice in love.

Do not forget to breathe in life.
Never forget to love.

©2018 Melody Lima

Melody Lima is a creative adventurer who will always tell her story somehow, in some way. The narrative is filled with movement (yoga teacher), words (writer), color (artist), texture (parenthood) and other experiences of discovery. Sharing her observations on and off the yoga mat, Melody always attempts to keep things mindful and not too cynical. Her words have appeared through elephant journal, The Tattooed Buddha and The Urban Howl. Read more inspiration from Melody through her website  www.yogamatunrolled.com

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