Cycle Of Experience

A little rain, here and there, will not discourage me, or hold me back. My vision may be blurred today, but I proceed anyway.
Each one of us deals with impairments and obstacles — physically, emotionally, or temporarily — but we have to keep moving forward.
We must.
To give up, or to step away from a vision, will forever alter your path.
Acknowledge your troubles, and seek the answers that are not provided.
Keep asking the questions that matter, and keep asking yourself why.
The solutions to your problems are not always apparent, and it make time and research to further determine if the answers are acceptable, but don’t stop.
Don’t let a bad day ruin the weeks ahead.
The rain will stop, the sun will shine, and you will dry off.
The cycle of experience will better prepare you for all that is ahead.

06/28/2018                                                j.g.l.

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