This Eighth Month

It stops.
Dreams, planted and paid for, dissipate with the season.
The eighth month,
forever a period of turmoil.

The heartbreak of August.
Always endings, always there.

Goodbyes believable, stories told from sixteen onward,
a laundry list of sorrows, added items along the way
from a boy to a man, to whomever I struggle with now
and again.
                                                I don’t know.

I live with it. This eighth month. August. I have naturally learned
to accept. My prescient nature, not always accurate, but available,
should I choose to pay attention to the whispers or my conscience.

Often choices are made for me, although
I continue believing you are where you are
because you ended up here.
                                                 Can you know?

This is not the season to hide, this eight month forebodes.


As quickly as it comes.
As quickly as it goes.

Unhappiness fades away, with flowers, with memories,
with that freedom that comes from shorter midnights.

                                                 Soon to change.
                                                 September soon.

Calendars need not remind of weeks, or
years gone by. Each month has a purpose.

The sky sits lower.

                                                 It waits.
                                                 It knows.

@ 2018 j.g. lewis

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