Do you prefer pencil with, or without, an eraser?
For me it is an easy answer: I prefer the eraser attached.
I know I make mistakes and admit it freely; an eraser gives me the opportunity to catch them when I can. I believe a pencil with eraser qualifies as the original word processor, allowing for convenient and effortless correction without losing the flow of your writing. Having to put down the pencil to pick up an eraser is an interruption, and who has that time when writing a heartfelt poem, love letter, or shopping list?
I will still use a pencil sans eraser, but my writing is more timid and less carefree. It’s almost like writing with a pen (where your mistakes will live on forever).
Just as there is a certain charm to a pencil, there is a certain magic to an eraser.

09/02/2018                                      j.g.l.

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