Think About It

Too much to wonder,
and so little you know.
What about
those thoughts, you
simply cannot let go?
You answer questions
with questions, time
after time, the answers
elude you or clutter
to mind. What is the
solution? Where
is the goal? How can
you get there?
When will you know?

I’ve got a little journaling project
coming up January 1 – 10th.
It’s free, and during the first 10
days of 2019 we are going to look
for answers and seek solutions
individually and as a group.
The initial details are directly below.
Going forward
is an extension of a bigger project
coming up in January on this site
where a community of writers from
all across the planet will define
Where We Are
To sign up, or for more details on
the journaling program,
send an email to

It’s all about community…



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