Send Me A Postcard

Each postcard tells a story, as brief as it may be.
The limited writing space and photograph of a thing of place, with just enough news to show you were there.
Send me a postcard from home.
Tell me something about where you live; a little-known fact, something significant or another thing you think somebody needs to know. Perhaps a poem, limerick, or haiku; tell me what home means to you. 
Don’t just send a card; send a message.
The oostcards will be used in October during homecoming month at
During October, contributing writers will offer impressions of home, where it is and what it means to them.
Postcards From Afar is intended to add a global perspective and make this planet a little smaller, and a little closer.
I’d like to hear what home means to you.
For coordinates and further information on the postcard project, email
I will write back

06/21/2020                         j.g.l.

06/21/2020 j.g.l.

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