Mondays are just young Fridays

Is there anything as comfortable as a new pair of sneakers?
   I mean, really?
   I bought a new pair of running shoes last week, having literally worn the tread off the pair I bought a year ago. Fitness was always the goal, but my increased daily activity over the past four months has taken its toll. I have taken hundreds and hundreds of thousands on steps.
   It was only lately I realized my feet we more tired than usual and I had to acknowledge the wear and tear on a rather reliable pair of sneakers.
   I set out to buy the exact same model of shoe I’ve been using; they haven’t let me down. Why change a good thing?
   While price shopping from store to store, I walked by another shop of another brand and noticed the ‘40% off everything signs’. Of course, I had to look.
   It’s not that the brand was unfamiliar to me; I’d bought them before (it was actually the first pair of branded athletic shoes my parents bought me in elementary school) and had never been dissatisfied.
   The brand I was currently using was highly recommended at both a running store and by my chiropodist. But these other shoes just felt right, and checked all the boxes for fit and function. I ignored fashion and studied everything about these particular shoes form torsion to traction and then made a decision that saved me a good $50.
   I’ll guess I will see if they are worth it.
   Right now, all I know is the comfort.

08/17/2020                                                    j.g.l.

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