By design or by default, art is devised to define, or delineate, the reality of our time and the humankind it represents.
You cannot (therefore should not) take for granted the art that surrounds you. In any state there is an increased perception of life.
Art is life. Life is art.
Live with it.
Art does not need to be explained, it needs to be experienced.
Be open to the experience. There are no excuses.
Do not question the why, or the how, or when.
Look at it from all angles. Art is as subjective as it is relative, it need not be serious (but can be); there is a fine line between the obvious and the obtrusive.
Art is open to mindful interpretation whether romantic or reckless, concrete or abstract, physical or visual. Art confronts your emotions as much as it soothes your soul. It moves you forward.
It is spiritual.
Art is meditation, mediation between all that is unsettled in your heart and everything you find comfort in.
Do not ignore or overlook your art; it is what you are and all you can be, if allowed the presence and place it deserves.

09/01/2020                                               j.g.l.

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