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Home is much more than a place; home is what keeps us grounded, where we spend a majority of our time (especially lately) and home is where we eat and sleep. Home is where we keep our stuff.
Home is worth writing about.
soultalk in tandem with presents

Come On Home
a free eleven-day journaling adventure

We will begin October 1st, and for the next 10 days think about, and write about, what makes home a home.
The online program is open to pretty much everyone.
In addition to daily journal prompts, there will be discussion in a closed (but open-minded) group, along with ideas, insight, and examples on breathing new life into your journaling practice.
Whether you have been journaling for years, have let the habit slip, or are simply starting out, a soultalk journaling session will add a little more clarity to your personal writing practice.
The free program is open to, pretty much, everyone.
All you need is a journal or notebook, pen or pencil, and a little time each day to think and write.

Come On Home
will run in conjunction with Mythos & Marginalia’s Homecoming Month, where a talented group of humans from across the globe have been invited to share their thoughts on home. If you are interested in taking part in Come On Home, or need more information, send an email to


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