Not An Option

The retail landscape has been continually changing for more than seven months.
If you are not noticing the shuttered or empty storefronts, it could be that you have become immune to it all. It could be that your shopping patterns have changed more online than on the street.
It’s when a store you have regularly shopped at closes up that you really begin to feel the pandemic changes and realize the devastating effects this deadly virus is having on our economy at the front-line retail level.
One of my regular Starbucks closed a few days ago, it was one of several company Toronto location closures I had read about.
You feel it a little more when you are personally affected by a closure. It was an everyday sort of place.
This was my “secondary” Starbucks. It was not the closest location to my condo (an important factor when choosing where you get your first cup of the day), but I went there often when you could actually remain inside a coffee shop while you finished your beverage.
The Jarvis & Adelaide Starbucks was bright inside, and had a great table for writing,
I went there often.
It was comfortable there; the staff and manager were friendly.
Now, however, it is not an option.
It has become another COVID-19 victim.
Sadly, there will be more.

10/30/2020                                             j.g.l.

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