Mondays are just young Fridays

Next week will be next year.
It can happen that fast, or
it will take its time, as it has
day by day all through the past.
It has been that kind of year,
with that kind of face.
Less than unpredictable, yet
full of surprise, these days
have given us space and time
to soak in each second,
It has been that kind of slow.
It has been that kind of pace.
It has been the year we’d all
like to forget or replace
with even the year before,
or that totally shitty one
nine years back; or
the one (you remember)
even before that.
We might settle for any year
except the one we just had.
Last year was cruel
and contemplative and so
unfortunately bad. A year
almost done, with our sights
not yet clear, let’s look ahead
to what soon might be near.

12/28/2020                                              j.g.l.

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