It caught my attention, randomly,
early one morning. Recently.


I wander the city each morning. I look for
alterations to my landscape. Bare witness.

No point in walking if you don’t see. Changes;
graffiti to some, a symbol to others. Proof.


It meant something to someone that they would
take the time to scratch out a symbol on a wall.

It meant something, on a bigger scale,
decades ago. Pacifism. Or protest.


Peace is more than a state of mind,
or symbol from another generation.

Realistically speaking, peace should be simple,
not a complicated shadow of pitfalls and politics.


Peace should stop you and grab hold of the senses.
A thought. An idea. An ideology. Silent action.


Decades later it is still only a thought. A dream.
It wakes me. It means something to me. Now.


I’d like to think it means something to you.
Dare we find substance in a shared dream?

© 2020 j.g. lewis

                              “They won’t give peace a chance
                              That was just a dream some of us had”
                                                                          -Joni Mitchell

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