So Much To Say

So little of the year remains. Still. So much to say, even more to be thankful for. Each day we are blessed, many times in ways we cannot even comprehend. Or express.
   We are blessed many times over.
   Winter solstice is upon us.
   It is now, then, a time for thought. Time to remind ourselves what we have been through (survived) and what is ahead.
   We should be thankful.
   We need to be grateful for what we have. We need to be more understanding of ourselves, our intentions, and of those around us: both friends and strangers.
   Give thought to your thoughts. Make them good, make them better, and make them kinder.
   We all need kindness, particularly those who are not aware or have not shown kindness. Maybe they have not experienced kindness? They, perhaps more than all others, need to see and need to believe kindness can also be forgiveness.
   Kindness may be the greatest wonder of our life.
   Tomorrow we step forward from the darkest day of the year to a brighter future. Be optimistic. Be grateful. Show kindness.


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