We Learn To Accept

Each of us is fragile, under pressure, and aware of the life’s difficulties. Day by day the obstacles change, or become more familiar, and we deal with them (or try) in our own way.
Past experience allows us, at times, to get through, or get past all that we face; only because we have been there before.
It might not be the same experience, but we have learned.
Life’s common, or uncommon, events take a chip out of our ego, dent our pride, and leave scars or scuffs.
Sometimes we can’t see. Other times we can’t heal.
We are all a bit broken, and full of imperfections.
When we connect with another person, we get a sense of their hardships, or inadequacies.
We learn to accept them as we have come to accept ourselves.
In that we find beauty.
Each of us are beautiful wrecks. When we realize that, it makes it easier to accept one another.
I am here, flaws and all.
I’m glad you are as well.     

12/12/2020 j.g.l.

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