You Are Not Alone

Isn’t there always a trail?
What then do you know of
your actions or the impact
upon others?
It is safe to say you are not
always aware of the results
or unintended consequences
of what you do beyond how
it affects you?
If so, you are not alone in the
thought. So few of us will
even consider others in our
day-to-day interactions. We
do what we do to simply get
through all the bullshit and
bafflegab we continually (or
constantly) hear.
It is noise, that’s all it is, a
disruption to your self and to
your intentions to fare better
than you have. Sadly.
We all want to get beyond
the clutter infringing upon
our space and time. Physically,
emotionally, and spiritually
we need room to breathe and
to see where we are going.
All of us are involved, even if
we are not thinking that way.
How aware are you?

12/15/2020                                              j.g.l.

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