What Catches Your Attention?

I’m on Pinterest.
Actually, I’ve been on Pinterest for quite some time, I’ve just never been as consistent, or organized, or as committed as I intended when I signed up a few years ago.
I’d add photos and content, in fits and starts, in random periods. I even forgot about it for a while, but realized yesterday that I had added more than I thought, over time.
There’s a lot to see.
Pinterest is inspiring.
What catches your interest?
I post photos, quotes, poetry, journaling info, stuff from my website, or things that catch my attention.
My user name is jg_lewis
Come and have a look.
What do you post?
I’d love to see your pins and boards. Send me your user name. Let me know what captures your imagination.


01/02/2021                                             j.g.l.

2 responses

  1. Pinterest fulfills my window-shopping cravings. I’m a serial browser from way back, because I don’t actually like owning a bunch of stuff, or the act of shopping all that much, but I LOVE looking at beautiful things, and I dig the convenience of having millions of beautiful things in my pocket. Mostly I pin clothes I’m never going to buy, projects I’m never going to do, food I doubt I’ll ever make, and quotes about procrastination…

    • I love to look, and read, as see the art (and fascinations) of other people. I just found you, followed you, and will look for ,ore inspiration. Happy New Year my friend. peace.

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