There Is No Explanation

We try to hold on a little longer to the remains of a crappy day, to those blue jeans that no longer fit (and likely never will again), or that crumpled letter that is more than a reminder of the person you’d like nothing more than to forget.
These, among so many other things, clutter the mind.
These are the shadows that taint the lucidity of the life you’ve managed thus far.
These are the smudges that block your vision.
There is no explanation to what we emotionally hoard.
We know, deep down, there is little value in the things we hold onto. We have also learned by trial and error that if you let go of some stuff you won’t release the pain. You will simply free up space for some other worthless memento.
There will always be reminders.
It is our nature, like it or not, to hang on to memories.
Embrace those that serve you well and let others fall by the wayside.
You will find something else to take its place.
You always do.

02/18/2021                                               j.g.l.



02/18/2021 j.g.l.

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