Mondays are just young Fridays

I need to make some changes this week.
   There are a few things on my list (this goes well past resetting the clocks), all of them intended to change, in some way, the way I live or have lived.
   I feel it is time.
   We have all come through a year of change. Many of the changes were unexpected, some of them demanded of us, but nevertheless it was change. We didn’t know it would take this long and, for a while, it seemed it wouldn’t, or it wasn’t.
   And we are still changing. We are adapting. We are adjusting.
   We are (or we should be) evolving.
   Change doesn’t need to be a complete transformation, in fact; the slightest change may end up as your sweet salvation. But you need to change. You may need it more than you think; you might not even realize what is required or why it is necessary.
   There are so many reasons for change and they change, as we do.
   We need to change even if for no reason other than change.
   The things that might have worked may no longer be working. Or could it be we are no longer working for change? The answers may differ, but the questions are always about change.
   Time changes, the seasons change and we have all changed before (whether we care to admit it, or not).
   Change is inevitable. Change is undeniable.
   Change can be a wonderful thing.
   Or change can be frightening.
   Welcome the change.

03/15/2021                                               j.g.l.

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