Mondays are just young Fridays

I can only know what has happened
after it has happened, and only with
my limited experience in the
aftermath. History.
It changes daily. I may simply
see the shadows.
Ever notice how facts are formed
over time, through the day, without
advance notice? What can we expect?
Some Mondays are only Mondays,
other days will have to wait, at least
until this day is done.
The sun has risen as it has, as it
does, though differently today.
Time, more or less, passes.
Daylight will lessen, softly,
later in the day. A little longer than
yesterday or Saturday, in fact.
Change is welcome. Usually.
Bring on the night. Then
another day. Tomorrow I will surely
see today differently, in hindsight;
facts and all.

04/26/2021                                    j.g.l.


April is Poetry Month
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2 responses

    • mistakes happen.
      I am here, whatever the day, flaws and all…
      and my history has been changed, just like that,
      right back to the now. Thanks for catching that.

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