Mondays are just young Fridays

There is warmth and comfort where I am: inside.
   On the other side of the glass, it promises to be nasty and wet, as it has been more oft than not over the weekend and the days proceeding. Spring is taking its time arriving and April showers runneth o’er to May.
   Even today.
   May rain, May snow (these days you can never know), but it seems less likely now than it was the other day. After all; it’s May.
   There is the urge to settle in with a book on this side of the glass, rather than undertake my morning wander about this city. There is no particular place to go, and I usually do; rain or snow.
   I don’t feel like it today.
   I long for summer’s heat and, day-by-day, I seem to be hoping more and receiving less.
   Look out the window.
   The view changes daily, but it is still outside.
   It is where I should be and, despite this seasonal objection, it is where I will go.
   I will get out of my climate-controlled comfort zone.
   Yes, at times, it is easier said than done. But I will as I should.
   There is a big world out there, with so much to discover and much more to know,
I need to get outside and live. Behind the glass, I am only existing.

05/03/2021                                               j.g.l.

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