Mondays are just young Fridays

With summer now breaking (finally), our thoughts are given the space to roam.
   The May long weekend often feels like our first taste of the seasons, and summer is, as it has always been, about adventure.
   Family camping trips, weekends at the cabin, long-distance road travel to faraway places; the memories and examples fill my mind, and summer allows them.
   It is easier to dream, to believe, in summer.
   I look forward to further adventures.
   We are now in lockdown (still), but that shouldn’t stop me from climbing on my bike, or setting off in a new direction on my morning walk.
What’s holding you back from taking an adventure?
   Do you need a destination? Or is the attempt to find something enough to fulfill this inner need?
   We all need an adventure. It’s probably easier than we think.
   Don’t plan; just go.
   Pack a lunch. If you eat your sandwich under a tree along the way (perhaps in that park you have passed by before), it becomes a picnic. Give yourself time.  Take a book, or your camera or sketchbook. Record the event.
   Couldn’t we all use more picnics?
   Summer is about possibility.
   Life isn’t always a picnic, but perhaps an excuse to have one.

05/24/2021                                        j.g.l.

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